Because music had been a large part of all of my life, i originally sought to pursue a career in audio. This led me to Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts, where i was the Salutatorian of my graduating class. The end result of my experience and education in audio and music is that i have the creative and technical ability to create music for the videos that i produce, as well as music for others. Original music I made for one of Era404's graphic opens


Obviously, i didn't stop with audio. The studio job i got out of school ended up having more video work to do than audio work. So i adapted. i learned by doing. i acquired knowledge from by listening to those who knew. And i worked on some fantastic and sometimes challenging projects with a dynamic range of clients, big and small. And now i've been editing video for almost a decade and a half, predominantly on the Final Cut Pro platform.


As a by-product of editing videos, i needed to include motion graphics for use as titles, illustrations and general jazzy-up of the videos i was editing. So through on the job training and studying on my own, i learned After Effects to a point where i can comfortably create the supporting materials i need to sufficiently tell my clients' stories.


i would be what one would call a noob. A naif. A beginner in this field (though this site was probably enough to tell you that). i am currently juggling the pursuit of an education in web design (at Champlain College) with the real-world reality of paying the bills. But that's not to say that i haven't done anything worthwhile. Here is a website i coded/designed for A Joyful Mind, which is a documentary about a Buddist monk named Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Multiple designs for the home page were given to me. i took the best of all them and translated that congloerate into code and then designed the remaining pages around the same theme